Why is there this blog?

Jan 1, 2020 10:45 · 258 words · 2 minute read #Blog #Writing

In the last semester of my studies, I had to write more essays than in my collective former university life. Surprisingly, I noticed I genuinely enjoy the process of it.

Writing helped me understand the content and connections of topics better and reflective essays, in particular, helped me understand the origins of discomfort or conflict in previous situations. Writing motivated me to learn and to improve current circumstances, which is why I want to continue it more personally through this blog (A little wishy-washy, but I want to keep this short).

When I decided to create a blog I was super excited. I looked into different web frameworks for blogs and had fun personalizing the theme that I am now using. But after that was done, I noticed that I do not have a clear vision of what I expect from it - and what I will put or not put on the blog.

There are tons of content about how to start a blog and the more I skimmed-through it, the more this felt like work. Finding a niche, developing content- and promotion strategies are things I don’t want to do. Mainly because it would be too much work and I will probably lose interest in it, but also because I do not want to restrict myself with where this is going.

While I want to write about what I am currently working on or learning about, I decided to also leave room for more personal stuff and just have fun with the blog as a format.

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