Taught me how to justify design decisions to clients
Improved my AdobeXD skills

The Problem

The client isn't satisfied with the current look and feel of their app. She wants me to refurbish it and eliminate as many usability problems as possible before publishing it in the app store.

My Process

I went through the existing screens and made notes about the issues that I noticed. For identifying usability issues, I conducted cognitive walkthroughs. During them, I relied on the 10 Nielsen Heuristics and my experience as an HCID student. At that time, I just finished a course about Usability Evaluation. I would have been eager to test with potential users, but that would have required too much preparation and resources.

During the redesign process, I noticed that the UI of the application is comparatively elemental. I recognized opportunities to engage users with additional features further. But that would have changed the app's identity too much and should happen in collaboration with the client. So I decided to leave it for a second iteration in the future.

The Outcome

The following slides are a summary of my design changes and the reasoning behind them. On the left is the original application. Problems are highlighted with red. On the right is my redesign, with comments in green.

Thank you for taking the time
to read about my project!